Martin Luther Tower
Luella H. Pessner Guest Suite

Martin Luther Tower is fortunate to have the Luella Pessner Guest Suite for use by guests of MLT residents, and members of St. Mark's Church, and other church-related person carrying out the ministry of St. Mark's Lutheran Church.  The MLT Board of Directors together Luella Pessner's son created this Suite in 1987.  Mrs. Pessner was a long time resident of MLT and a member of St. Mark's Lutheran church for many years.

Rates and  Length of Stay

MLT Guests: $90.00/night (for first 7 nights, $100.00 thereafter)*
St. Mark's Church Guests: $110.00/night*
Reservations can be made by Residents or members of St. Mark's by contacting the MLT office at: 415.885.1084
* - Rates may change without notice